To opt out of disclosures of information that are considered a sale and the use or disclosure of PI for certain targeted advertising as allowed under CA and VA data privacy laws, please do the following:

  1. Fill out and submit the form below; and
  1. If you wish to opt out of sales and the use or disclosure of information for certain targeted advertising related to your interactions with our online services, you can register your request by broadcasting the Global Privacy Control ("GPC") signal or by registering your cookie preferences by navigating to and clicking on the Manage Cookie Preferences link at the bottom of the page.

If you use the GPC signal, we encourage you to submit the below Do Not Sell or Share request along with using the GPC signal, as we may not be able to link your browser activities with other information we collect about you.

PLEASE NOTE : Please be aware that if you opt-out you may not receive notification of updates and promotions that may interest you. Please also be aware that pursuant to data privacy laws even if you have opted out, DNABLOCK may legitimately continue to share your PI with DNABLOCK authorized dealers where such disclosures are for a legitimate business purpose such as completing your transaction, safety and recall reasons, warranty, etc. Additionally, these third parties may have independently collected your PI and therefore that PI would be outside the scope of this opt-out.

Please ensure all fields are completed with accurate information.

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